Box of Surprises

Box of Surprises

A birthday party is the perfect occasion to organise some team games. So why not try a treasure hunt? Children can have fun looking for the hidden treasure and leave with a beautiful memento. So that you’ve got something to put all the little surprises inside, we’ve prepared this DIY activity just for you.


  • A red chevron cup, which you can buy here!
  • A roll of crepe paper that you can find here!
  • Some little characters like these ones!
  • Confetti which you will find here!

1. Make 6 notches, each about 3 cm deep and 4 cm wide on the top of the cup.
2. Unfold then cut out the rolled-up bit at the top of the cup.

3. Slip the little toys, the crepe paper and confetti inside the cup.
4. Add a little rolled up message such as a treasure map.

5. Reclose the box of surprises that you’ve just created by folding the sides one over the top of the other.

There you have it; your box of surprises is finished ! Now all that’s left to do is to hide it so that the children can go on a big search !


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