Birthday Party Rules

Birthday Party Rules

rules for the birthday party

Essential rules for birthday parties based on our own experience (which is expansive as you know). Don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any others that we’ve missed!

– 3 year old’s Birthday Party: less guests (6 children is ideal), party lasting two hours max.

– 4 year old’s Birthday Party: you can invite a few more guests (betwwen 6 and 8), party lasting two and a half hours max.

– 5 to 8 year old’s Birthday Party: enjoy yourself! Party lasting at least 3 hours, and as many guests as you can manage (8 to 10 children is reasonable).

– Don’t leave anything fragile lying around.

– Tidy your child’s toys into his/her bedroom.

– Make sure you charge up your camera.

– Ban people from going into your child’s bedroom, except if you have very few guests (less than 3) or it’s the very end of the party and there are only a few people left. If the children don’t bring it up, there’s no need for you to bring it up either, it makes life easier.

– Set aside a space for the party (living room, dining room, garden or bedroom) and make it a real playground.

– During the games, always suggest that your child goes first even if the other children grumble. If they do grumble, explain to them that it’s his/her birthday.

– Ask the telephone numbers and email addresses of the parents before they drop off their children so that if there’s a problem, you can contact them and send them photos (even if there’s a possibility that you will never send them!).

– As a safety measure, never leave windows open, even if it starts to get very warm, keep them closed.

– Never leave children to their own devices.


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