Banana Toppers

Banana Toppers

BANANA-NA-NA-NA-NA BANANA SPLIT ! The song by Lio is already stuck in our head (and now yours). What better way to start the summer than with a cocktail in the sun ?!
We’re going to teach you how to make – in no time at all – banana toppers, adding the finishing touch to your fruit cocktail !


  • Drawing paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • The printout, which can be downloaded here
  • Masking tape, which you can buy here
  • Kebab skewers or cocktail sticks

1. Print the printout.
2. Stick it on some cardboard or drawing paper to provide more support.
3. Cut out each banana.
4. Stick the bananas to some kebab skewers using masking tape.

And there you go, it’s finished ! The banana toppers are ready, and they will definitely pimp out your summer cocktails !

Some advice for adding colour to your drinks : Add a drop of grenadine syrup in your glass of fruit juice ! This will give a tie-dye effet to your cocktail ! Easyyy !


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