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Balloons are the most crucial part of any party. All it takes is a few balloons to say that you’re at a party. Balloons on the door lets people know where the party is. A ceiling of balloons is an invitation to dance the night away. Balloons are a promise!

Balloons are essential, they represent the word PARTY. But there are 1000 ways to organise them. So what arrangement do you choose? How do you inflate them? How do you hang them up? How many do you need?

The hanging of balloons depends on the inflation method, and there are two ways to inflate the balloons: air or helium.


If you’re not a fan of helium…

  • for the Glam Californian, you want to save the planet!
  • because you completely forgot to buy it, oops…
  • because the cost of helium cylinders has made you change your mind!
  • because you want to show that without helium, the party is crazier.

So for all of these reasons you are a Barbara Gould woman, and it’s fortunate that we have plenty of tricks up our sleeves to make some cool balloon decorations without helium and to give the impression that they are floating when they really aren’t!

1. You can inflate latex balloons with your mouth. If you need to, you can watch this tutorial. If you opt for a theme with lots of balloons or very large balloons, I would advise you to buy a balloon pump or even an electric inflator. It is difficult to inflate more than two large 1 m balloons by mouth. Trust me. I’ve done it.

2. To give an aerial feel to the decoration, rub latex balloons against a blanket, a jumper, or something else woolen, it’s even better if you have cashmere. You can also rub them on your hair. All you have to do is press them on the ceiling (if you have a high ceiling, make sure that you have a stepladder at the ready to push the balloons up). (Be careful, sometimes this doesn’t work very well. It depends on your paint). There you go, a cloud of balloons!

3. Foil balloons don’t react very well to static electricity. Just like in this tutorial, you can attach a piece of double-sided tape or masking tape and stick the balloon onto the wall.

4. This tip also applies for the other balloons which don’t react to rubbing cashmere / wool / hair because they do not work well with paint.

5. You can also hang the balloons from the ceiling upside down, it’s less surprising, but if you put up loads, it can be very effective!

6. Or… make an outstanding decoration by creating an entire wall of balloons!
– For this arrangement, you will need nylon wire, dozens of balloons (this depends on the size of the wall that you want to fill – for a 2 m x 3 m wall, you will need around 100 balloons) and a balloon pump or even an electric inflator (trust me, after around 30 balloons, you’ll need it)!
– To make this arrangement, you will need to cut a piece of wire the same length of the wall, and stretch it out. To do this, you need to attach each end to a chair (or door handles or people). Then inflate a balloon and tie the knot directly around the wire so that you can slide the balloon along it. Inflate as many balloons as it takes to make a rod of balloons. Then you need to make as many rods as it takes to cover the wall. When the balloon rods are in place, you can attach them to eachother with the nylon wire.

7. You can also create one single rod and attach it to the wall with a bit of tape in the shape of an arch like in the photo shown!

8. In the same way as you made the wall, you can make a ceiling of balloons. It’s the same technique used but with your head in the air and your feet on a ladder.

9. And our last proposal: the floor of balloons. Simply inflate the balloons with air and let them lie on the floor. If you use a lot of balloons, lots and lots of them, you will make a swimming pool of balloons. If you choose this option, don’t leave anything fragile in the room, because the balloons will be thrown around and you may find yourself in the middle of a battlefield. A terribly happy battlefield!

my little day balloons

Helium filled balloons

Helium keeps latex balloons in the air for 24 hours. To make the balloons stay up for an extended length of time, use HiFloat. The balloon will float between 48 and 72 hours longer ! The best advice that we can give you is to inflate your balloons at the last minute (a few hours before the event but certainly not the night before). Foil balloons (metallic) can stay in the air for a long time, but the duration can vary. In saying that, the lifespan of a helium-filled foil balloon can vary between 24 hours and a few weeks !

When you come to inflate the balloons with helium, before anything you need to make sure you are prepared ! Because once the balloon is inflated, it will start to float away. Pre-cut the strings of wool or ribbon (which has the big advantage of not tangling), and choose the length depending on the height of your ceiling. If you decide not to let the balloons stick to the ceiling, you will need balloon weights (or any heavy object that can be attached to a string) to allow the balloons to float without flying away. If you are in a garden and you want to make a forest of balloons, knowing for certain that the balloons won’t fly away in the first gust of wind, you will need pegs (the little things you use to put up a tent in the ground when camping).

1. Take the helium canister out of its box. Certain canisters don’t have a pressure regulator attached to them. If this is the case, don’t panic, just screw it to the tap, like a gas canister.

2. Time to inflate the balloons ! If you need to, you can watch the tutorial here, which will explain to you the ABCs of using a helium canister to inflate latex and foil baloons.

3. Once the balloon is inflated, tie a knot at the end with a thread of wool or ribbon. You can then let the balloon float to the ceiling. Once you have inflated them all, you will have a ceiling of balloons. To fill a ceiling of a room measuring 30 m2, you will need at least 100 balloons.

4. For a different arrangement, you can gather the balloons together and tie them to balloon weights, or to the back of a chair. You can also place a few around the room.

5. You can also make an arch. This creates a flow between two rooms or from one area of the garden to another. We explain to you how to create a quick balloon arch in a separate article.

6. And then, there is the cluster of balloons. Here are some methods. There’s the “jumbled” cluster and the “symmetrical” cluster. Each require a particular technique. For the “jumbled” cluster, the balloons can be attached to the ground or a chair. The “symmetrical” cluster, on the other hand, needs to be supported by a wall ! For this, we have a specific article for you.


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