Balloon Wall

Balloon Wall

Balloon Wall

The balloon wall: the Holy Grail of balloon decorations. The balloon wall is efficient and impressive, both from a financial and visual point of view. Let us explain!


  • Nylon wire
  • Dozens of balloons (the number depends on the size of the wall you want to cover) (for a wall measuring 2 m x 3 m, you will need around 100 balloons)
  • A balloon pump or an electric pump (after around 30 balloons, you’ll need it)
Balloon Wall

1. To start, you need to cut a wire the same length as the wall and stretch it out. To do this, you will need to attach each end to some chairs to keep it taught (door handles or even people will do).

2. Then you need to inflate the balloons one by one and tie the knot directly onto the wire so that the balloon can slide along it. The balloons need to be stuck to one another. You need to inflate enough balloons required to make a rod of balloons.

3. Then you need to make enough rods required to cover the whole wall. To secure the rods in place (if you don’t have a structure), attach the nylon wire with sticky tape. Check before sticking down that the tape will not pull off any paint.

4. When the rods are in place, you can attach them to each other with the nylon wire. In the same way that you did with the wall, you can also make a ceiling of balloons. It’s the same technique as the balloon wall but your head is in the air and your feet are on a stepladder.

Your guests will be amazed. Urge them to pose infront of the wall with photobooth accessories, pointy party hats, glasses etc… and take loads of photos!

For a wall measuring 2 m x 3 m, it will take a good hour or two. Inflating a balloon is very quick, but tying the knot is a bit more complicated.


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