Balloon Swimming Pool

Balloon Swimming Pool

Balloon swimming pool My Little Day

There are two types of balloon swimming pools. The balloon swimming pool in a real pool, and the imaginary balloon swimming pool (=without water).

To make a balloon swimming pool without water, you will need to inflate air-filled balloons, but a lot of them. At least 200 for a surface measuring 30m2. To inflate this many, you will need an electric pump and the patience to tie all of the knots. When the balloons are inflated, leave them on the ground. The more that you inflate, the denser it will be and the crazier the party will be !

To make a real balloon swimming pool, you will need a pool. It’s essential ! And to inflate some balloons. For the best effect, I would advise you to choose big 1m balloons. Just a few, I would say 5 or 6. You will need to put some water in the balloons before inflating them in order to stablise them in the water and avoid them flying off with the first gust of wind. Of course, to inflate the giant balloons, it would be best to get out the electric pump used for rubber rings ! When the balloons are inflated, throw them into the water and don’t wait long before doing the same thing yourself… I guarantee you that it will take your guests’ (small and/or big) breath away !

Balloon swimming pool for a party


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