Balloon Forest

Balloon Forest

Balloon Forest

The balloon forest is the coolest decoration that we have ever set up! It’s very simple! Let us guide you with this simple tutorial!


1. When it comes to inflating your balloons, before doing anything you must ensure that you are prepared! Because once the balloon is inflated, it will start to fly away. Pre cut strings of wool, ribbon or gift ribbon (which has the advantage of not tangling), and be sure to make them long.

2. Take the helium canister out of its box. Certain canisters don’t have a pressure regulator attached to them, but in this case don’t panic, just screw it onto the tap, like a gas canister.

3. Let’s go, it’s time to inflate the balloons. If you need to, you can watch the tutorial here which will explain to you the ABCs of inflating a latex balloon with helium.

4. Once the balloon is inflated, tie a knot at the end with a string of wool or ribbon. Then attach it to a balloon weight (or any heavy object which can be tied to a string) or stick it to the ground with tape. It’s less tidy but very effective. The balloons will float but not fly away. It’s like magic. If you are in a garden or at the beach, you will need pegs (the little things that you use to pitch a tent in the ground) to ensure that the balloons will not fly away with the first gust of wind, they will just move around. It’s even more like magic!

5. If you want to take the decoration to the next level, and you are in a garden or a park, you can wrap the trees! Let me explain! You just need to take very very thick ribbon or wool and wrap it around the trunk of the trees to the same height as the balloons.

6. Evidently the denser the forest is or the more the balloons are scattered across a large space, the more impressive it is. You can also mix the sizes of balloons or opt for very big balloons if you have a large space. Also, last thing, we don’t give the same advice each time about the height of the balloons, so the height should be decided at the location!

Helium keeps latex balloons in the air for 24 hours. To make the balloons float for a longer period of time, use iFloat. The balloon will float between 48 and 72 hours longer! So the best advice that we can give you is to inflate your balloons at the last minute (a few hours before the event, but not the night before).

Photo : Marion Dubier Clark. Direction by Marie Mersier, assisted by Déborah Sfez. Photos taken at the pond in parc de Malassis, Breuillet.  ©Milkmagazine


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