Balloon Cluster – Hockney

Balloon Cluster – Hockney

Balloon Cluster - Hockney

The David Hockney exhibition in the middle of summer in Paris (but also re-runs of ‘Le Grand Bleu’ – Jacques Mayol if you can hear me!) has inspired us to produce a series of SUBMARINE TUTORIALS!
Between David’s blue waves and the magic of deep-sea diving, I didn’t know how to choose. But luckily for me, this ocean blue balloon decoration plunges me right back into the arms of Jean-Marc!


1. Inflate the balloons with helium and attach a string long enough so that you can retrieve them when they float to your ceiling!

2. With a marker, or poster paint, recreate the patterns of Hockney, the famous painter, for a swimming/submarine atmosphere!

PERSONAL CONFESSIONS: Be aware that markers make a slight squeaking noise on balloons, which may be quite unpleasant for the people aroud you ! So avoid doing this DIY activity during a tense film, or you may risk getting chucked out of the room!

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: Be aware that helium has a limited lifespan ! If you want your party to last until the end of th night, the Hi-Float will be your friend. With this gel, you can increase the floating time of your latex balloons by up to 25 times!


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