Balloon arches and honeycomb balls

Balloon arches and honeycomb balls

arche de ballons et boules alvéolées

A flowery balloon arch and pop

We have already shown you how to make a balloon arch on the blog and on our instagram stories! Now we are innovating a little: a balloon arch with honeycomb balls!


  • plain balloons here
  • printed balloons here
  • honeycomb balls
  • nylon, cellotape and scissors
  • a pump to inflate the balloons

It’s so easy that you might not even need this tutorial! But there is a knack to it, we will explain!

Start out constructing your arch as you would a normal arch: the tutorial for making the perfect balloon arch is here!

For those who are doing it for the first time, you should know that you have to pull the nylon thread taut and attach by attaching it to a chair, stool, or a door handle. The balloon knots are tied around the nylon thread so the balloons are clustered together.

les étapes pour réaliser une arche de ballons avec des boules alvéolées !

The honeycomb balls have a thread which allows them to be hung easily; so to add them to the balloon arch you simply have to cut the thread and then retie the knot around the nylon thread where the balloons are already tied.

The latex balloons are 30cm large, whereas the honeycomb balls are 15/20 or 25cm large, so they are the perfect addition to the arch as they give variety !

les étapes pour réaliser une arche de ballons avec des boules alvéolées


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