Balloon Arch

Balloon Arch

Balloon Arch

The balloon arch is the simple version of the balloon wall ! Saying it like that seems strange, but in reality it’s easier yet equally as effective !
For this arrangement, you need to do the exact same thing as you would for the balloon wall. The instructions are exactly the same. This is just a little shorter !


1. To start, cut a length of wire to the length of your desired arch. To be able to make a wave, I would advise a wire at least 4 m long. To stretch it out, attach either end to some chairs (door handles or even people will do).
2. Then inflate the balloons one by one and tie them directly onto the wire so that they can slide along it. The balloons can also be stuck to one another.

3. You then need to inflate as many balloons required to make a rod of balloons.

4. To secure the rod, stick the nylon wire with tape. Check before sticking that the tape will not tear off the paint.

5. If you want to make a wave, leave a bit of (empty) breathing space between some ballons so that there is room to push the wire to the wall and tape it.

6. Feel free to inflate some extra balloons at a variety of sizes and stick them on the arch with tape to create volume and perception.

If you want to create a denser area, you can make a second, smaller rod of balloons that you can stick above or below the first one.

Your guests will be amazed. Urge them to pose infront of the balloon arch with photobooth accessories, pointy party hats, glasses etc… and take loads of photos !

balloon arch: tutorial and DIY to make a balloon arch decoration


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