Theme of the day: Little balls

Theme of the day: Little balls

journee de la boulette

We propose you a theme for the day: little balls!

  • Make like Christian Boltanski in his work Animatas blanc and crumple up paper into little balls cover the ground with them.. make sure you take a photo of your creation!
  • Alternatively, on these pieces of paper, before you crumple them up, you can write little messages or draw pictures for the family and friends you haven’t seen in a while. Once you are done put them all over the house (you will sure have fun tidying this one up!)
  • Following the recipe of Alice Moireau, make your own gnocchi… it’s all the fun of Playdough but afterwards you get to eat it too! The recipe is on her stories (recettes 3). It’s a very simple way to occupy your children, they will have a lot of fun and they will learn to cook as well (which gives you one less job around the house!). You can swap out the gorgonzola and replace it with tomato sauce, cream, or any other types of cheese or toppings that you want!!
  • To finish the day off, when you get tired you can take a break and watch Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 
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OMY poster géant à colorier ``party``

8 crayons textile

Tableau à sequins Djeco

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