Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts

Baby Shower gifts

Whatever says “baby” says “baby shower“! And whatever says “baby shower” says lots of decoration! Here, we clearly set the tone of the party, all the way through to the gifts!
This BABY cube DIY activity will be useful for spicing up the wrapping of presents, and acting as decoration at the same time.
So, to benefit completely, hold off from opening the presents until the very last minute!


  • Large sheets of coloured paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • The printable, which can be downloaded here
  • Sticky tape or masking tape
diy baby shower 1

1. To begin, wrap your gifts with large sheets of coloured paper. We have went for turquoise, orange, fuschia and pink !

printable baby gift list

2. Next, cut out each letter from our print-out. A little trick : our letters are “mirrored” to allow you to cut them out without seeing the black lines once in place !
3. Stick each letter on a coloured cube with glue. And voila, you’re DONE !

diy baby shower

Want to adapt your presents to the theme of the baby shower ? We’ve thought of it all ! You can customise the cubes by adding tropical leaves or separate components of a bunting garland. SO COOL !

We really have thought of it all  : these cubes could equally act as a table centerpiece too !


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