Astronaut Birthday Decoration

Astronaut Birthday Decoration

décoration et arche de ballons pour un anniversaire garçon astronaute

Decoration for a Cosmic party!

It’s the big day: the theme of the party? The Cosmos! Astroboy! Neil Armstrong! We have given you all the keys you need to turn out some awesome decorations without difficulty! And if you don’t know how to occupy your children? Two solutions. We can give you some ideas for activities to liven up a Cosmic party for three hours or so, we have come up with a planner for a cool space-themed day!


  • cosmonaut balloons here
  • chrome balloons here
  • holographic stars here
  • cosmic sticker decorations here
  • pinata
  • stack of cups
  • tableware here and here
  • confetti
  • galaxy candles
  • free printable moon cake toppers!
arche ballon grappe anniversaire cosmonaute astro

Stage 1.

Construct a balloon arch with the cosmos and chrome balloons!

Here is the tutorial if you haven’t made an arch before! It should take you an hour or so.

Next, stick the cosmic stickers (planets, rockets, astronauts) to the wall or to the balloons in the arch! As you want!

table d'anniversaire astronaute

Stage 2.

Set the table!

Pinata on the left, stack of cups on the right and the cake, topped with our free printable moon toppers, in the centre of course!

You’ve aced it!


Pinata fusée

Pailles astro

Cartes invitation astro

Gabelets astro

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