Astroboy Quiz

Astroboy Quiz

How about an Astroboy quiz? You’re going to see that it’s great and it’s very possible that you will learn things about yourself, your child and their friends!! Let’s begin with this cosmic quiz


Do a sketch with the children of our solar system. The solar system is so vast that it was necessary to invent a special unit of measure: the astronomical unit. It’s the distance which separates the Earth from the Sun which equates to 150billion km. The planet Earth was created 4.5 billion years ago.


Do a quiz by asking them :

  • Which is the star that is closest to the Earth? (the Sun) What’s the largest planet in our solar system? (Jupiter) How many planets are there in our solar system? (8) Is there a dwarf planet in our solar system? (Pluto)
  • Ask them to name the different planets in our solar system and order them away from the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
  • Ask them to name the well-known astronauts: Youri Gagarine, Neil Armstrong, Tim Peake. Which one was the first to journey into outer space? (Gagarine) Which one was the first to walk on the moon? (Armstrong) What was the first living animal to journey into space? (the dog Laïka on board the Spoutnik 2).
  • To rank the different planets by size between the smallest planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars) and the biggest planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)…

You must ask the questions quickly so that you don’t lose the interest of the children… 

You might well be surprised by the extent of their knowledge! 


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