Astroboy Birthday Party

Astroboy Birthday Party

Your son – or your daughter for that matter, has chosen to celebrate their birthday in space. What’s even better is that your child is on trend, it’s Karl who said it!

We do everything like Karl and we have a particular love for the cosmos, so we can’t resist an Astroboy theme… Follow us as we count down to the big day!


One month before : If you get yourself into a bit of a pickle beforehand, firstly have a bit of trust in yourself. (For the others, who don’t stress, even when it’s really late in the day, we can still organise a party which you would be extremely proud of at the end of the celebration).

One month before however, it’s the time to start thinking about the invitations. Do them yourself as a family or buy them ready-made.

3 weeks before : Now you must fill out the invitations. Depending on the age and the enthusiam of your little Tim Peake in the making, you can get your child involved, he might be able to do it himself or you could take charge of it all. If you’re doing it together, get out stickersstamps, stars and comets. A little advice from the professional: write your name and the name of your child on the invitation. This might seem a bit silly but it will ensure that your Thomas doesn’t end up all alone in his space rocket!

2 weeks before : The theme is set. It’s time to go shopping, if you prefer you could do it online. The decorations (balloonsballoonsballoons and why not throw in a piñata), the tableware (especially the candles, don’t forget the candles, don’t forget the candles, don’t forget the candles (I’ve learnt from experience)), the fancy dress and the little gifts.

2 weeks before continued : It’s time to consider the detailed planning of the day and how you’re going to keep your little spacemen busy.

10 days before : Right, you have more than 10 days to make a custom-made spacesuit for yourself! Yes, because everything is in the imagination and if the children see you all dressed up, they’ll immediately be transported into the outer atmosphere. Just a few accessories will be sufficient. Do you have a silver bomber jacket anywhere that has been sitting around in your wardrobe for several years? And some spangled leggings, go for it! It’s okay, we all make mistakes. Basically, anything silver, anything that sparkles and lots of bling! If you read the advice that comes a bit later on, there are plenty of last minute solutions but they’re a bit less practical (aluminium, a fish bowl) …

1 week before : We’re at this point. Already. The metaphor of take-off rings a bell… Let’s get back to the subject at hand, we’re going to organise the day: the choice of games and activities to fill in how the day is going to pan out, to print out all the printables you need, to memorise the rules of the games and to prepare a playlist. We understand if you don’t feel up to a bit of David Guetta at the moment. At the same time, I understand if David is not really your thing. 

The day before : The excitement starts to mount. Thomas has sneakily put on his spacesuit. He wants to sleep in it. This can be arranged. It’s one of the smaller things to worry about.

I put up the space decorations, I inflate the balloons with air so that I train my lungs how to breathe in space. I leave the helium balloons for tomorrow (because they won’t hold for longer than 12 hours stuck to the ceiling). There’s always the IFloat solution (a spray which conserves the helium in the balloons for several days). You weren’t aware of this? One small step for you, one giant leap for My Little Day!

The cake ! Thomas doesn’t want to become bigger than his spacesuit and neither do I with mine. So, we’ll make it simple. Two sponge cakes, one in the shape of a moon and the other in the shape of a star. I initially wanted to have a go at making a space-shaped cake but having reflected on the magnitude of the task, I gave up. And so at the moment the cosmos and I, we’re a little bit upset. I add several cake toppers, decorative sweet treats and as I have a peach, I make DIY moons to use as decorations.

Download the Forward planning


5h45 : You don’t need to be up at 5h45, but Thomas is going flat out. Already dressed up. Fly me to the Moon by SinatraWalking On the Moon by The Police, Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, Space Oddity by David Bowie… A little playlist to get you warmed up, it’s begun!

9h : The time has come to get out ALL of the decorations that you’ve planned, and to make the piles: a pile of sweets, a pile of little gifts, a pile of stickers, a pile of party bags… Basically, it’s time to get organised for the day (the simpler things are, the more Thomas will be able to – will want to – to help you). 

10h : It’s now time to blow up the balloons (stars, rockets, iridescent moons…)! We set the table. We make sure that we don’t forget the placemats or the tablecloth, otherwise we will have a very unsuccessful take-off (#Apollo1inmylivingroom).

12h : So that’s it, everything’s ready, you would think that you were at the international space station, but an even better version. It’s absolutely brilliant, I am extremely proud of myself. I think I’m going to get in touch with Elon Musk, he might be looking for a new decorator for his SpaceX space rockets.

13h : We have a little bit to eat, as we don’t know whether it will stay as a kitchen area we can use. 

14h : It’s time to put on my spacegirl costume !

15h : So that’s it, you can’t back out now, everyone has arrived (children happen to be VERY punctual to birthday parties).

Once everyone is present and correct, it’s time to introduce yourselves. The most practical way of doing this is to get everyone into a circle and then to begin. “I’m the Mummy of…, I’m not a teacher.”. Each person gives their name, their age, the name of their teacher, their favourite game, their favourite colour, and their favourite cartoon. And with a confident, loud tone of voice, you can then say what the games and rules of the afternoon are going to be: we’re going to play altogether!

15h10 : Why don’t we do a little quiz to get everyone warmed up ? Who knows what the different planets are called ? The stars ? (you could do a little research on Wikipedia or just click here)

15h15 : Now that we’ve got together all the details for our voyage into outer space, I suggest that you prepare to become true astronauts. We’re going to start with the game The Funny Faces Game.

15h25 : Now that we know how to communicate with the aliens, I want to be absolutely certain that everyone is in tip top condition for a journey into the heart of the Galaxy. It’s time for a little space themed exercise session (you will need to do large slow movements so that you can manage the change in gravity).

15h40 : You are all in great shape, it’s perfect. But now, I need to know, if everyone is aware that we need to respect the instructions of the pilot. If you would like to end up with NASA, this is important. For this, I suggest a new game: In The Right Order, spacemen!

16h00 : All in all, I think that we’re a great team to be travelling to the far end of the world together! I think that you could all benefit from a little reward. What do you all think of that? The problem is that I only have one present, so you’ll have to earn it. I have a great game for you: Pass the Parcel. The winner will be able to keep the gift.

16h10 : I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely exhausted. Let’s do an activity before we have some food. How would you like to make a paper spaceship?

16h40 : It’s time to eat, but the table is a planet far far away! Do you think we should all get in our spaceship to get there? I’ve made a snack for all of you which is fit for spacemen (e.g. juice in aluminium cartons, or some yogurts)!! Does anybody know what we sing for somebody’s birthday, even in outer space?

17h : Has everyone regained some strength for the adventure? I suggest that we take our spaceshuttle (a little train) on a new adventure: the treasure hunt to Jupiter!

17h20 : Okay you’ve all proved yourself as worthy explorers ! But now it’s time to head back down to Earth ! For this, I recommend a satellite relay!

17h40 : We have returned! Does this not make you want to get up and dance? A game of musical statues seems perfect to me ! Are you ready to strike a pose, as if we were still walking on the moon ?

17h50 : To finish off, shall we open Thomas’s presents?

18h10 : All finished and you have survived, you can now relax on the sofa and you don’t have to think about anything.

18h11 : In fact, cancel your dinner and your plans for the next 10 days !

Friendly advice (part 1) : This breakdown is the dream of a perfect party. It’s an ideal version of a child’s birthday celebration through my own eyes. It doesn’t consider games which are vetoed by children at the swish of a wand, it doesn’t take into account children which need to take a breather even before you’ve finished your sentence and those which always want to lead the activities. Don’t hesitate to click on your child’s age and to go through the games which have not been suggested in the list. There are plenty! 

Friendly advice (part 2) : This breakdown has been written for children which like astronauts, who are usually around 7, 8 or 9 years old. For smaller children (very mature) or slightly older children (perhaps it will be thanks to you that your child truly does become the next Tim Peake), I advise that you go through the selection of games that we have for your child’s age. It will make it more age appropriate! 


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