Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

dinosaur birthday party

The stories about dinosaurs naturally call upon two to three elements: RHAAAAA, vegetation, greenery and bones. The words and colours have a magical effect. Dinosaur/green/dinosaur/green… it doesn’t take a lot to transform something simple and unassuming into a something great “Dinosaurs haven’t left just yet” … I’m giving you the course of action in the subsequent countdown. Don’t skimp on the decor to create the ambiance required, the greener it is, the greater it will be. At a birthday party, the final look is never too much. 


T-25 If you’re really organised, this is the time to prepare the invitations. You’ve obviously already decided on the theme. This is normal at this stage in the day.

T-25 Continued– A trend always appears when you make this decision. DIY invitations or ready-made invitations? Personally, I’m with the team of Marcel Duchamp. I am more importantly a mould that is overflowing.

T-25 Continued– We do have to mention that the DIY dinosaur invitations designed by Marinette are absolutely lovely and also have a touch of rigor. I decide to rise to the challenge but I keep it for myself to manage.

T-20 You fill out the invitations. Your child can also help you do it, but this is dependent on many things. Depending on his mood, his age, his patience… to help the operation run as smoothly as possible, let them use stamps, stickers…..

T-17 It’s now time to have a little think about what you’re going to do. If you’re at this stage, it means that you’ve already decided a lot of it yourself and the good news is that the following list is very detailed and well thought out, and it should help you to make your own list.

T-15 It’s time to order and buy everything that you need in terms of the games and workshops that you’ve picked.

T-10 The time has come to think up your fashionable outfit which you could wear were you to ever meet Chris Pratt. This is a dinosaur themed birthday party therefore you have to expect everything from the Jurassic age. I suggest you get out beige or khaki coloured Bermuda shorts, if you don’t have any, your husband should have some – that’s for sure. A brown belt, a short-sleeved shirt which matches the shorts, a pair of long socks and to add a bit of fashion, some Timberland boots and a pair of binoculars hanging around your neck. This should be sufficient, you don’t need to wear a hat like Tintin. With all of that, even if Chris Pratt doesn’t show up, you’ll be suited and booted to explore this Jurassic world. Now that this essential part is sorted, we can return to the matter at hand. Just so you know, Gabi and myself are dressed head to toe as explorers, with Tintin’s hat on top. However, I unfortunately don’t have a photo of this.

T-7 Prepare the playlist, print out the printables, print out the list of games and the games themselves…

T-1 An evening spent in my kitchen – I’m preparing the ingredients for a banana split that I’ll put together tomorrow, and I’m making a chocolate cake covered in ganache, granted that it’s got a bit of an awkward shape. But quite frankly, I don’t joke around when it comes to birthday parties.

T-1 Continued into the night – set up camp in my living room – I do a huge part of the dinosaur decorations, I inflate the balloons with air because I know that if it’s with helium, you need to wait for the day of the party.

Download the Forward planning


9h I have already been ready to go for 2 hours, compared to my son who has been up on his feet for 3 hours. We fill up the party bags. I leave out the little gifts (plastic dinosaurs, dinosaur pins, dinosaur stamps…), I make the little piles (a sweet pile, a gift pile, a sticker pile, a party bag pile) and he fills them up.

10h I inflate the balloons and hang them up, I set the table, I put the dinosaur cake bunting around the cake. All of the decorations are green, there are dinosaurs everywhere, you’d think that boundaries weren’t really my thing.

11h Finally I’ve finished, I am truly a star ! I’m going to go do my nails (it must have something to do with Chris Pratt and the stars).

13h We have lunch on the corner of the table, limited in space as the party table is already set so perfectly.

15h The doorbell rings ! There’s something that children don’t know, it’s polite to come a quarter of an hour early, they’re all perfectly on time. After the customary compliments and the stunned faces from parents who are looking at me in this extremely bold and slightly garish outfit whilst standing at the front door, I can go and greet the children in due form.

15h01 We make a circle, we all sit down and then begin to introduce ourselves. It’s you that begins: “I’m the mum of…, I’m not a teacher.” Each person gives their name, their age, the name of their teacher, their favourite game, their favourite colour and their favourite cartoon. And then with a confident tone of voice, you can say what the games and rules are going to be for the afternoon: We’re going to play all together !

15h05 It’s begun. We start with a dinosaur quiz, so that everyone is on the same page.

15h15 We play a game that explorers would do to test their speed and reactivity when faced with imminent danger: Stacking Hands.

15h20 After this, we do a bit of an exercise session, because obviously yes, it’s lovely to want to go after the dinosaurs, but it’s going to be necessary to check the fitness of the team.

15h35 Okay, physically we are all set, but how’s your memory? If you’re going to be an insect specialist, you need to have the memory of an elephant. I know a game that will test this: A Memorable Story.

15h45 You have truly worked hard, you’re ready to become real explorers. To congratulate you all, I would like to give you a present. The only thing is that I only have one so you will have to earn it. It’s quite a special present as we’re going to use it to play pass the parcel.

16h00 Alright, I’m shattered, let’s do a workshop and bring the triceratops, brontosaurus and tyrannosaurus to life… by making dinosaur puppets.

16h30 Your puppets are incredible. Don’t forget to take them with you when you go home. Before we have a bite to eat, let’s all stretch our legs! Make a train ! Yes, I know it’s an old one. This is the side of me that’s a bit like Jacques Demy.

16h32 Teatime. For teatime, would you like me to serve you dinosaur juice? In reality, some mint water…

16h45 Clear away the table so that you’re ready for what you’ve been preparing for all afternoon: the excavation of dinosaur bones.

17h30 Now I’m going to do a game with you which all dinosaurs would have enjoyed, the game of the Poor Little Sick Cat. Because I suppose that if there had been cats around in the same era as dinosaurs, they would have loved them !

17h40 I really really want to dance (= I also really really want to relax), lets play musical statues with a little dinosaur twist. Are you ready to strike the pose of a Velociraptor?!

17h55 And to finish, let’s open the presents!

18h05 All finished and you have survived, now you can go have a lie down. Because obviously, you have taken on board all of our advice and haven’t planned anything for dinner tonight.

Download the to do list

Download the games list

Friendly Advice (part 1)  : This breakdown is the expected perfect party. It’s an ideal version of a child’s birthday celebration through my own eyes. It doesn’t consider games which are vetoed by the children at the swish of a wand, it doesn’t take into account children which sigh before you’ve even finished your sentence and those which always want to lead the activities. Don’t hesitate to click on your child’s age and to go through the games which have not been suggested in the list. There are plenty! 

Friendly advice (part 2) : This breakdown has been written for children which love dinosaurs and children which love dinosaurs are usually around 6, 7 or 8 years old. For smaller children (very mature) or slightly older children (the calling to be an insect specialist is a real topic of discussion), I advise that you go through the selection of games that we have for your child’s age. It will be more age appropriate! 

Friendly advice (PART 3) : I myself have done a dinosaur themed birthday party for my son, Jules’ birthday. He’s 7 years old. The photos and proceedings will be the topic of conversation in one of the community posts!


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