An Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

An Anti-Valentine’s Day Party


Well, here we are. February – the month of love (skiing and crêpes), the month of kisses (red and candy) ! For those of you who are single (by choice or by default), and don’t have a skiing instructor at hand, have you found yourself without plans for 14th February ? If 2019 is the year of new resolutions and you have therefore decided to turn this symbolic day into something fun, how about “Anti Valentine’s Day” or “Galentine’s Day” ?

So, what exactly is “Galentine’s Day” ?

It’s a day to celebrate friendship and to spend with your girlfriends – a time of feminine solidarity !

For this evening, there are two teams : the homebirds and the party animals. I’m going to write you twosts, one for each team ! I’d also like to point out that these plans can be easily switched up for men with a little bit of thought and imagination, or simply ask us to make a tailor-made list.


For those who don’t want to go outside or go for a drink, and instead would rather sit in, stuff your face and listen to Barbara, we’ve come up with a list of films and series to watch on 14th February, however this might extend throughout the rest of the week and into the weekend. There are no rules – just do what you want !


-Sex & the City : What a classic, this is THE must-watch series ! Sex and the City – the story of four single, thirty-something New Yorkers – Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. This is guaranteed to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions throughout all 94 episodes !

-Friends Is there a more beautiful story of friendship than that of Monica and Rachel ? Go ahead and dive into the crazy adventure of these six friends, following the ups and downs of their personal and professional lives throughout 10 years and 236 episodes !

-Girls : This series follows the lives of a group of four girls, all completely different to eachother, trying to survive their twenties in the big city of New York. Lena Dunham, the main actress, is well known for her feminist views and her efforts to fight for equality, therefore  this series is perfect to honour women on this particular day ! #BIGLOVEFORGIRLS

-Grey’s Anatomy : Well, how can we talk about friendship without mentioning the series that features the most unique friendship of them all : Meredith and Cristina – a real case of love at first sight ! This series is great to watch time and time againWE L-O-V-E it !

-New Girl : After a bad break up, the flamboyant Jessica finds herself without anywhere to live. She soon finds her new flatmates through an ad on the internet : Nick, Winston and Schmidt, and begins experiencing day-to-day life with the three men. Of course, Jess can also count on her lifelong bestfriend, Cece, to always be there for her. The humour is the best thing about this sitcom, which always has us in stitches !

-Orange is the new black : Although set in Litchfield Penitentiary, “OITNB” isn’t a gloomy and depressing series – it’s quite the opposite, actually ! Full of mockery, irony and sarcasm, this series pays authentic tribute to femininty in all of its diversity…

-Tout ce qui brille : Obviously, we can’t forget about this film ! For those of you who missed it in 2010, Ely and Lila are two young girls from a banlieue not far from Paris and “10 minutes from everything”. This film follows their attempts to get into the excitement of the Parisian party scene, and fit into a world in which they don’t belong. A story about a friendship that will take you on a ride of their “funny life” !

-Thelma & Louise : And of course, we’ve kept the best for last – the timeless feminist masterpiece that is,Thelma & Louise ! Two friends, one road trip and lots of unexpected twists and turns ! And for a bit of eye candy, it also features the young and beautiful Brad Pitt.

For those of you who are too demanding in terms of films, you can always go for an ultra-sporty evening : PSG v Real Madrid #Parisestmagique



-“Kiss the Man” : Or how to make your dreams a reality. The idea is super simple, it’s just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey ! You just need to print out quite a large picture of your ultimate celebrity crush (personally, mine is Ryan Gosling #mancrush), and then try to kiss as close to his mouth as possible while blindfolded ! click HERE !

-Organise a clothes swap : Simple, yet really effective ! Get each girl to bring a bag of clothes that they no longer wear, and then swap them with eachother ! This can always be accompanied with a glass of champagne…

-Have a karaoke night to your favourite playlist : Because when the music is good, it seems to lighten the spirits, we think it’s definitely fitting to have a super girly, fun and up-beat playlist in case of a hard blow !


For those whose motto is “I wanna sing, I wanna dance”, there is Mathilde Cabanas’ Bisou Night at Hoxton Paris.

The Hoxton, Paris, 30-32 Rue du Sentier, 75002 Paris, France.

For Valentine’s Day, the Queen of Bisou herself, Mathilde Cabanas, invites you to come down to The Hoxton Paris and sing your heart out !

Team Richard Cocciante or team Céline Dion ? Ditch your man or your TV pizza night and gather your girlfriends for a night of humming, singing and shouting at VALENTINE’S KITSCH KARAOKE.

On the agenda : the best love songs of all time, a mini Bisou shop, Lip Stories lipsticks by Sephora to personalise and a Bisou-Booth !

If any other great ideas come up, we’ll be sure to update this page of course. We’ve got your back.


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