An Alternative Advent

An Alternative Advent

alternative advent

Advent is a really cool period in December in which the children will happily get up at 7 am by themselves! We all know that, after a certain age, children just will not get up for school, and they begin to grumble and moan as soon as we enter their rooms to wake them. Sometimes, strong enough for us to make a quick U-turn.

But thanks to the advent period, as if by magic, your house is transformed, and the children skip out of their rooms to the living room at 7 am to open their Advent Calendar! The downside, however, is that they do this on the weekends, too. This year, I have decided to try something different… There won’t be any presents during advent!

A book a day. Books that we haven’t read in ages because the children have grown up. Books from when they were little to remind them that, not so long ago, we used to read a book together every night. So, I choose 24. Easy, my house is like the local library. I put them in envelopes, hang them up, and stick a number to each. For the 24th envelope, I choose Where the Wild Things Are. It’s my favourite!

No gifts. Instead, get the children (and us, too) to pick one object per day that we no longer use, and then make a reversed Advent Calendar. At the end, there will be 24 gifts to give to charity. Each day, get together and explain why you have chosen that object, and what it means to you… It’s environmentally friendly and also rewarding – what a great idea! Obviously, this is better for children that are a bit older! I nabbed this genius idea from my friend Stéphanie (Instagram account : @nanouchky). Go and follow her!

Have a rummage through the chlidren’s junk box (you don’t have a junk box?!?) and get out 24 old forgotten treasures. That’s the thing about treasure – we forget about it for years, and then it suddenly resurfaces. Isn’t that a cool idea?! It’s responsible and economic! It won’t work every year, of course, but it could work this year to cover up a misunderstanding!


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