All the women in our life

All the women in our life

dorothée et gabriella, fondatrice de My Little Day

No need to thank us for the song, it’s a present.

Around here, we celebrate women’s day everyday. For so many different reasons.

The first being that we are an all-woman team (how great is that ?!) No, it’s rubbish, men just don’t seem to want to work with us! There must be a reason, we think a lot about this…meditations, reflection, stretching…all that jazz!

Beyond the exclusively female team, our story is essentially punctuated by stories of other women. Women who have been decisive for us, who have given us revelations, inspirations, examples to follow. We have almost exclusively worked with other women, the exceptions being Bertrand, Igor, Jean-Marc, Régis, Jérôme, Sylvain, Cyril, Nicolas, Arthur, Jacques… ok we will admit there are a few names there, but it’s not the same! It isn’t worth a comparison!

This year, for our 10th birthday, it is all the women of our lives that we are going to celebrate. We will be looking back on the relationships that have changed our lives and that have given My Little Day its current vision and appearance.

les femmes chez My Little Day

The wonderful ladies in question

-the ladies who have created businesses :  Elvire Laurent and Marie-Cerise Lichtlé, Charlotte Husson, Sarah Stagliano, Mathilde Cabanas, Constance Gennari, Juliette Lévy Cohen

-the ladies who have supported us: Lili Barbery, Violaine Belle-Croix, Camille Soulayrol, Daphné Burki; Isis Combreac, Domino Lattes, Carole Tolila, Anne-Charlotte Vermynck

-the ladies with whom we would love to work: Iris de Mouÿ, Sabine Houplain; Marine de Bouchony and Camille de Laurens; Anaïs Olmer, Julie Voisin; Julie Ansiau; Séverine Monsonégo, Bénédicte Flory

-the ladies that we admire: all those we have already mentioned + Ines de la Fressange, Marie Soudré-Richard, Sheryl Sandberg, Alexandriza Occasion-Cortez; India MahdaviNathalie Rozborski

In short, it is a question of WOMEN, in capitals and in the plural. In each of them we find a piece of ourselves, and in ourselves we find a piece of each of them

Kisses and Love x


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