Activities to do without a printer

Activities to do without a printer

Tutorial without printer

What are we up to with no printer at home?

We are under lockdown, we have to give the children something to do, and we don’t have a printer! Three problems that are impossible to escape! It is a good job our blog is full of treasures that will prove useful during this period of confinement. This section of the blog contains articles on how to do simple DIY without much equipment, most importantly without the use of a printer, suitable for all ages! We haven’t separated these DIY activities by age category. Some of the DIY is elementary, some may need parental assistance, it all depends on the age of the little ones that you want to keep occupied!

Brief recap. What is DIY? It stands for Do It Yourself : no matter what it is. It can be a decoration, an activity, a recipe… It doesn’t matter as long as it is your handiwork #ididthat!!! In short, it any manual activity or a creative hobby that you do (and feel super awesome after!)

In some of these articles there are PDFs that you can either print out, (don’t worry if you don’t have one!!), you can trace by placing a piece of paper on the screen, or you can simply copy them yourselves. Another idea would be to let your little one try to copy the drawing. The possibilities are endless!

Over the past ten years (the age of My Little Day and this blog) we have come up with tutorials for different birthday themes but given the circumstances, themes are going by the wayside. Simply having something to do is sufficient. The little ones will naturally go towards DIY which has a link to things they are interested in or to their favorite stories. If it’s up to you to choose the DIY for the day, you can choose it depending on the story you want to tell them. A DIY around Rapunzel can help to explain to them what confinement is and a DIY creation with Moana will allow them to consider the notions of courage and solitude, whereas a Harry Potter quiz will show the importance of bravery and perseverance… In short, it is possible to make a story out of each DIY you do, but it also possible to just do it!


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