A normal birthday party is…

A normal birthday party is…


This article picks up on all the potential scenarios which you might be confronted with during a birthday party therefore there’ll be no need to panic, as we’ve already gone over them! If you think that we’ve forgotten any, don’t hesitate to add them!

It’s normal if… your child:

– If your child refuses to play,

– If he cries when he doesn’t go first,

– If he has mental blocages,

– If he finds everything rubbish (or everything great),

– If he doesn’t want to participate (or if he wants to do every single one of the games),

– If your child does not match any of these descriptions, this is also completely normal.

It’s normal if… the children invited:

– If certain children don’t like playing any games,

– If certain children cry when they lose,

– If they want to jump around, jump from the coffee table to the sofa before going over to the window.

It’s normal if… you:

– If you want to cry,

– If you want to hit them even if it’s technically not allowed by law,

– If you want it to come to an end,

– If you want to say that we’re no longing having you all,

– If you want to say that it’s too short,

– If you find it rubbish (or brilliant!)


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