A liberty flower table set up

A liberty flower table set up

une table fleurie liberty pour la fête des mères

Flowery decoration for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s day (whether we can reunite with one another or not) we are celebrating with flowers! Because seeing one another is good but having a party is better! And with flowers, it’s even better still! Our flowery tableware is like our little baby so we take any opportunity we can to get it out!


grappe de ballon fleurie et boules alvéolées

As always, we begin by decorating the walls, this time with a cluster of balloons or a balloon arch with honeycomb lanterns to create a romantic/ garden party vibe!

For the finishing touch we make the simplest bunting ever with these tropical and autumn leaves – it’s so easy you’re going to love us even more than you already do 😉

vaisselle en papier fleur liberty pop

The next step is to set the table!

You can use our liberty flower cups as vases for flowers or alternatively we are obsessed with these vases by Octaevo!

Finally to tie it all together we do some DIY and either make a Cool Mama cake topper or a Happy Birthday cake banner!

table fleurie et gateau avec topper fleurs !


Couronne de fleurs

Arche de ballons roses

Serviettes fleur

Gobelets fleur

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