My 7th Game Book

My 7th Game Book

My 7th Game Book

Download the 7th game book, read and take on all our best advice!!

At 7 years, they’re super old, so organise them a proper party that’ll last the afternoon! Choose games with even more tricky rules to keep them entertained.

Whether the party is for a girl or a boy, the games are all the same: all you need to do is just change the references slightly (princess or knight). Change the games as soon as you sense the slightest loss of interest. And remember, never leave the children to their own devices!

For the sake of peace, tidy away all the little toys that could be borrowed by the little guests much to the despair of the birthday boy or girl. It’s almost time, your little angel has transformed himself/herself into a pirate or a fairy and you’re wearing a tiara or a top hat, just for the occasion.

The doorbell’s ringing, it’s them! Welcome the little guests with a little bit of eyeliner: a moustache for the boys and fake eyelashes for the girls. While waiting for all the friends to arrive, make a circle, sit down and start introducing yourselves. You begin: “I’m Paul’s mum, I’m not a teacher…”

Each child gives their name, their age, the name of their teacher, their favourite game, their favourite colour, their favourite cartoon, etc. And with a confident tone of voice, the wonderful parent which you clearly are will then reveal what the games and rules of the afternoon will be: we’re going to play all together.

To make sure that your gamble pays off, act as the master of ceremonies, decide when you’re going to change up the activity and explain the games thoroughly. Clearly if there’s two of you, it’s going to work out better. That being said, everyone’s here so let’s party!

You will need:
• A soundtrack (with about ten songs) that your child likes and that you also like, as it’s you who will have to encourage the little ones to get up and dance ! (Here’s a playlist on Deezer and a playlist on Spotify)
• A broomstick
• A scarf
• A little present wrapped in 4 layers of paper
• Two balloons
• Two round fruits (orange or grapefruit)
• A child’s spoon (those that you have at snack time)
• Two sweets
• Two books
• Several pieces of paper and two pencils
• A drawstring pocket containing 10 little objects
• The clues for the treasure hunt and the treasure itself
• And lots of enthusiasm! 

We’ve been hosts many times before and we’ve whipped out these games more than a few times, so we have absolute confidence in them: all you need to do is to have a bit of faith when the time comes to do them!

Last piece of advice: print out this booklet so that you have it at the ready during the party and feel free to read the Games Instruction Manual which will give you a little bit more information!


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