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Adri online! (06/20/13)

There are three and a half years, we did our first shoot. Jules was then 5 years! He wore pajamas superhero Adri that Louison, 5 years, still bears! These photos were crazy, so much so that Jules is on my card. Adri now has a website, run it!!

Some current competitions! (27/05/13)

4 pounds are up for grabs. 3 books on Strawberry Milk and 1 on My DIY . Then go for it! If you need motivation on the subject, go read the articles of Milk or Babyccino , so friendly that has brought tears to my eyes!

BABYDISCO (05/23/13)

There a few years ago, the entity I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER installed in various places, including the Palais de Tokyo a Baby Disco. It was all great simplemnt, this little video demonstrates . When will a new Baby Disco?

Want of the day (04/23/13)

Huge desire to do nothing ... Image pinterest .

The Daily: How come the spring for sure? (04/04/13)

Every night at the stroke of 19h, I get my news from The Daily. yes, "my" news, because sometimes I feel that the items are directly intended me ... And on Tuesday, there was one that was particularly targeted and fair (compared to the climate). I re-post because it could speak to you. This text is Sophie Fontanel, the leader of The Daily :

"Like everyone, every year at the same time, I implore for spring to come. Of course, this is trivial, but I think that if you do it all, maybe the guy hear. My approach is to list in the spring I'll make it nice to renounce to resist. Here is my part of mantra for the bastard dirt spring, I'm sure you have yours.

Spring, if you come, I will show you my legs. I will show you even further up there at the top of my legs, and you can even come and play with your cherries. RABOULE CHERRIES. If you come, spring, I will give you an appointment at a sidewalk cafe at the end of the day, even more if agreement. If you come, I will present the zillions of children we did together last year, including a pair of sandals that I barely had time to. Spring, I'll let you put my sandals. Spring I will make you and me Vine sandals mixed and send them to this big narcissistic per-winter s cold months, to show him what kind of wood it is not heated. If you come, I also shout "I'm coming! I'm coming! "As in erotic films of the 1970s. Come spring, we'll go to Saint-Tropez, on a whim, to see if summer is not already somewhat ready for a threesome. Come hell, and I promise you in a.

On Thursday, the beloved ...

Fonelle "

a chic rabbit (28/03/13)

A rabbit chic photographed by Garance Li dressed by Lisa Gachet and transformed by Camille Grosperrin (the dream team of Bambi Bandit)!

Easter bunnies (03/26/13)

For Easter, a chic rabbit: The Hedgehog & the Hare, Fairy-tale Ball, Munich, 1862 Pinee our Image. Pinterrest board Easter !

When even Legos are tattooed! (03/25/13)

This year will be the tattoo or will not! Tattoos that give to see and say. Tattoos that say the mood and feel of the day. Of tattoos that are ephemeral and that's good because the desires and moods change quickly! Even Legos are getting into with Pilot pens. Other Images to see here !

FamiHéro the hero of the modern family (03/22/13)

A ride on the net, I discovered FamiHero , a website that offers to help us, everywhere in France, to keep our children time, an evening, a week, a school year or help them revise ... A website that offers to stakeholders our everyday superhero. A site that offers to link simply! Useful and effective. A pass!

Cold sun (07/03/13)

Expo will be missed if you are in Paris or just passing in the coming weeks: Julio Park at Palais de Tokyo . An immersive exhibition, participatory if not interactive. It is about optical art, lost landmark, visions, experiences. A monumental retrospective exhibition. To live with children for almost a magical moment! Obviously, once the Palais de Tokyo, go see the exhibition of François Curlet and linger on his Rorschach Saloon.

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