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My Little Day Omy X X Colette (21/06/13)

5 tables to draw in a happy afternoon at the Grand Palais!
There were princesses Rapunzel, the Great Avengers, the Dino went out from Spielberg, Cowboys, bullies and mobsters, and an inspirational La Strada circus!
Everyone had fun!

The first collection My Little Day (01.23.13)

Our first collection is online. At last! On the site of My Little Day in the tab " this is new "and dispatched everywhere, our products are visible!

Tables for Christmas! (14.12.12)

The black & white for a bit and chic table.

A table with the colors of the super box designed by Clotaire , box colors of winter with its materials and digressions. Christmas red, white and orange, with peas and stripes ...

A table modeled on the world of Tiphaine Mangan populated colors, materials and delicate patterns. The crystal , the felt , the paper , porcelain. Pink, burgundy , the blue duck , the golden .

A table with Christmas colors and patterns assumed: white , gold , stars , polka dots and stripes . For a Christmas tradition and chic.

Soraya's birthday! (21.11.12)

Cherine has far to organize celebrations of his daughters. She always has great taste to combine colors, materials, and create a crazy atmosphere (but watch those balloons, they fly ...)

♥ ♥ Yummy Halloween (10/22/12)

The countdown has begun ... Just to put a little pressure: super Halloween cookies designed by Thumb and Cakes !

Taste this! (12.10.12)

A small mobile kitchen, graphics and culinary creations, urban experiments, cakes shaped sausages, fries or burgers (special dedication to My Recreation who signed yesterday a paper on burgers). In short, the life! Tomorrow at Wanderlust , Taste me that moves with its mobile dinette to a "play-doh/cookies" workshop with children from 14h to 17H. Armed with cookie dough and play-doh machine, kids can make burgers taste delicious cookie ...

Incredible lollipops (05/10/12)

Incredible discoveries lollipops with Domino , to see, to buy and to eat! It is on Etsy here !

Cloud icing on (18.07.12)

Oh but it is too cute! It is not dripping gnagnan is battery properly. And then I could do the same! I'll try yours ... But not with this recipe ! Is not, yogurt cake, frosting everything beard and a pot of floss purchased monop. Challenge!

Colored marshmallows! (20.06.12)

How to turn sad marshmallows marshmallows in party?? All explanations on the blog: You are My Fave .

banana pop! (29.05.12)

This is strolling on Pinterest that fell on this picture. Beyond the genial presentation, the idea of ​​eating chocolate at the same time as fruit is perfect! Very well designed and created by Bakers Royale.

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