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Max (06/10/13)

Haphazardly by opening the browser this morning: Max waddles on Google . Then rotates the disc sums up the history of this terrible child because sad, fleeing in a terrifying country it controls. Today is the birthday of Maurice Sendak , creator of Where the Wild Things, a story that we will never tire ...

Coloring Booklet (16.07.12)

There is the Cartier Foundation an absolutely wonderful exhibition of naive art. The paintings are full of colors, the compositions of the drawings are amazing ... And as always at the Fondation Cartier, one could find a great souvenir at the end of the visit: a coloring book performed by Alessandro Mendini works around the show!

SKI (04.05.11)

This afternoon, Jules and I, well mostly Jules, have tested Anorak . We had already made ​​our brands with wall-drawing of Supermundane the LFG and the i-phone implementation that makes children a little more crazy every day! Jules loved everything: stories, games, be in Sherlock Holmes and especially read the small text editors. Children 6 to 9 years who write what they thought of a book received ... it made him laugh, think, react! It gave him want to read ... or not! The idea that children's books are "criticized" by kids, this is just great! SKI is truly the "mag fun for children!"

Launch: Anorak! (29.04.11)

The genial English magazine Anorak finally has its French version. To launch the Little Fashion Gallery hosted a party that small loved it! On the agenda: a wall-drawing done by Supermundane and customized by children, a workshop and a Montessori Application made ​​by TamTao , Deco My Little Day made ​​drawings on the walls and wool to conclude: a delicious cake signed Bogato !

We had a great afternoon ... We admired Supermundane and velocity, it was ecstatic to beautiful, quiet and Applied children, we enjoyed the beautiful chocolate cake, and we chatted a lot with Claire Mum is Geek , Lady Chacha , Sophie de Lao on the hill, Kawa , Céline , Spinning , Lily , Sophie , Violaine, Mary and Laura.

Run buy Anorak ! Images of the mag in a future post!

The supereditions (01.04.11)

The supereditions are great, of course! But they are also awesome ... Our favorite home is the magic sausage , but before that our hearts beat for the fairy angry and tomorrow, who knows, maybe the aliens on vacation ... A place between all hands (large and small) to offer to do a workshop or a rainy Sunday!

Louise Heugel (16.11.10)

The world of Louise Heugel deserves to be known. Full of color, bumps, trips. There is something raw and refined, intelligent. Its monsters find a buyer!

Supereditions (19.10.10)

Hucklebones, Marina Vandel, Max & Lola

Until October 21, the Little Fashion Gallery auctioning the last book of supereditions, the king and queen quirky . Thirty creators (designers, artists, stylists ...) have complied with the exercise of customization, illustration. King and Queen quirky have evolved into support for dreams and fantasies. One text, funny and clean, and multiple interpretations. All gorgeous, all different. Unique pieces that will delight young and old. All for a good cause: the association Everyone sings against cancer .

Pop Up (17.10.10)

Benjamin Lacombe is very young. And it's sublime illustrations! We look forward this amazing book to be published in November. An object of eight pages, eight relief paintings, each summarizing the climax of a story we all know very well.

the birthday book (20.04.10)

© Richard Scarry

According to me, the most beautiful book about a child birthday was written and illustrated by Richard Scarry. This is Chipmunk's Birthday Party. This is the anniversary of Chipmunk. And of course he invited his friends. But before partying, you must clean the ears, prepare cakes ... There is still a lot of work before the festival (it's not me who says). When everything is ready, the children go outside to play. Some are sailing, others hunt butterflies, then all gather to play leapfrog and hide and seek. Until it came time to ice, lemonade and pointy hats ...

The Adventures of Mr. Jarry (26.03.10)

© laure JJ

Mr. Jarry has a round belly and a funny mustache nose. And if we follow him through the yellow path to discover what is hidden.
Drawings Shinro Ohtake , bright solids designer of pen strokes, we squeeze into a wonderful world. Read and reread!

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